A Fortnite player enters battle in v8.20.

A data miner has discovered brand-new cosmetics coming to Fortnite. Currently, players can customize their back bling, contrail, and in-game badge. In the future, customization options will expand greatly.

Twitter user @HYPEX discovered the leak. It is currently unknown when these items will be released, but we expect it before the end of Season 8 – which is about a month away.

Let’s take a look at all of the upcoming cosmetic items confirmed in this leak.


Pretty much what you expect, customize your hemlet with one from another skin. Mix and match helmet styles.

Battle Bus Customization

Users will be able to change the look of the Battle Bus by changing it’s appearance to one that has previously appeared in the game. An example would be the Christmas-themed Battle Bus.

Victory Pose

Set a default emote that executes when you achieve a Victory Royale.


Not much is currently known about how Taunts will be implemented.

Calling Cards

Referenced in the in-game code as “show and tell”, it’s hard to specify what exactly these will be. They could be related to the respawn van, but they also could be implemented in similar fashion to Call of Duty. Which would be pretty cool.

Hypex is a reputable data miner who has been quoted by Fortnite Bunker previously. The leaks have been verified by some users of the FortniteLeaks sub-reddit. We’ve embedded his original tweet below.

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