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Gaming is fun, gaming with your friends is even more fun. When it comes to Fortnite, nothing beats a Saturday night with your buddies chalking up wins. Squads is a different animal than solos or duos – some say it’s easier, but coordinating with your group and ensuring everything runs smoothly can be a challenge. In this article we’ll cover all of the latest tips for raising your squad win rate. We’ll discuss landing zones, loot distribution, and strategic movement. These tips aren’t likely to get you the most kills, but if implemented correctly will net your squad more wins.

Landing Zones

Picking a landing spot is a crucial aspect of squad play. In order to rack up wins, you need to think carefully about how it will affect the rest of the round. We need to focus on getting out of early game with all 4 squad members present. Notably, my squad’s win rate doubles when we leave our starting zone completely intact.

An ideal starting zone will be something less popular, but not desolate. We want to ensure that the spot has enough loot to outfit a squad (loot from round to round will vary, we’re thinking in averages here) but not strong enough that we have to deal with 3 or more teams on a regular basis.

Dropping with 1-2 other teams and winning is a manageable endeavor. When 3 or more teams are fighting things get tangled up quickly, and luck becomes a strong decider. Remember, we always want to steer ourselves towards situations that leave all 4 squad members alive.

Examples of Ideal Landing Spots

'Sunny Steps' is prime-time real estate in squad play.
‘Sunny Steps’ is prime-time real estate in squad play.

Here are some suggestions. These aren’t definitive, but rather meant to illustrate the type of area we are looking for. There are plenty of locations that meet our standards not included in this list.

  • Polar Peak
  • Pleasant Park
  • Snobby Shores
  • Fatal Fields
  • Paradise Palms
  • Sunny Steps

Try to establish 2-3 locations that your squad can regularly drop at. This will allow you and the members of your squad to establish efficient loot routes. It also helps in combat, knowing all the angles of a location is a distinct advantage in fire fights.

Loot Distribution

For some readers this may seem obvious, but I encounter plenty of squads who don’t implement it. Loot distribution is a multi-layered effort that takes some time to iron out, but with time it will become second nature.

A Fortnite squad at the top of a ramp.

Your squad, as a whole, needs to be prepared for any possible situation. This means that you need to be carrying heals, long-range weapons, explosives, and mobility items.

Healing Items

Now that heals-on-eliminations have been removed from standard playlists, it is more important than ever to be carrying heals . There should always be someone carrying minis, big shields or slurps, and medkits. Familiarize yourself with the environmental campfire locations as well, and be aware of itemized campfires in your inventory. Call out Apples and Mushrooms for team members that aren’t 100/100.

Long-Range Weapons

Long-range weapons, like Hunting and Sniper Rifles, aren’t exactly the hottest items in competitive play. But, we haven’t seen many competitive squad tournaments either. You shouldn’t spend a ton of time peeking and trying to get long-range snipe kills, but these weapons do aid in suppression. Suppression is important, forcing an encroaching squad to reconsider their placement is a very valuable tactic. We want to ensure that we are never pressed by more than one squad. When you are pressed by multiple squads you end up being “pinched.” Being pinched is a difficult situation to get out of without taking major damage, even if you have a rift or jump pad. One of your top priorities in squad play is to ensure that you are never pinched, and the suppression that long-range weapons provide helps a lot.

Two of your squad members need to be carrying long-range weapons whenever available. This doesn’t have to be a rifle, the Hand Cannon is also an excellent choice.

Long-range weapons can help keep enemy squads at mid-range, which is right where we want them.
Long-range weapons can help keep enemy squads at mid-range, which is right where we want them.


Explosives have always been an important part of squad play, but are especially relevant now. Try to have at least two of your squad members carrying explosives at all times. Explosives have two roles in squad play.

Primarily, they aid in deterring an attacking team. A push from mid-range is easily defeated with a few well placed splodes’. At minimum, it will delay a push and give your squad time to fire from mid-range. Mid-range play is preferred, because your squad can focus fire and easily manage the opponent. Once they are close-range it turns into a build battle, which is chaos.

The second role of explosives is their unmatched ability to wreck 3rd-party engagements. When approaching a 3rd-party engagement, have your explosives guys let loose while the other two pick off builds and exposed players. Don’t sleep on Stink Grenades either, they are one of the best squad weapons in the game.

Mobility Items

Mobility is as important to our win-rate as anything. Always ensure that there are mobility items in your squad’s inventory. Jump pads are great because they don’t take up a slot. If Rifts are available you should always have someone stacking them. Always know where Zip Lines and vents are, and where in-game vehicles spawn. This ensures that we never die to the storm, and also gives us the strategic mobility that end-game requires. Always try to save a Rift or Jump Pad for the final circles.

Zip Lines aren't as common as they used to be, but knowing their locations is still an important part of staying mobile.
Zip Lines aren’t as common as they used to be, but knowing their locations is still an important part of staying mobile.

Strategic Movement

Position is life or death in Fortnite. It can makes things hard or easy. It can lead to a win against a better team or a loss to a worse one. As previously mentioned, always mark your next destination when a new circle forms. This allows your team to prepare for the journey, and lets everyone know approximately how long they have to loot before they need to get moving. When picking a spot to setup shop, always ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Is this the high ground?
  2. How contested is this spot likely to be?
  3. How likely is it that this spot is in the next circle?

The Importance of High Ground

Height in Fortnite is huge. Really, being on high ground is the sole point of building in Fortnite. Having high-terrain gives you a leg up before the build fight even has a chance to begin. When building on high ground, always have each squad member in their own build. This makes the enemy’s explosives less effective, and makes you harder to push. It also allows you to attack approaching enemies from multiple angles. If you’re building on a hill, it allows you to have squad mates watching different directions, suppressing pushes and warning others of imminent threats from any direction.

Every member of your squad should be in their own individual build.
Every member of your squad should be in their own individual build.

Always consider how popular a spot will be before picking it. Consider this, you are in end-game and there is only one hill in the circle. Obviously everyone will want to be on that hill. In this situation, consider pushing after two other teams are up there fighting on it. This allows you to play cleanup, and keeps you from being pinched.

If you’re in middle-to-late end-game, remember the following. Hills on the edge of the circle are less likely to receive a push from behind, but more likely to be outside of the next circle. Hills in the middle are likely to be in the next circle, but will likely be contested and pushed from several different directions.


Dominate Fortnite squads with these tips.

Implementing these simple strategies will, without a doubt, lead you to win more squad games. The author of this article is an above-average player, but has a lifetime (since release) win-rate of almost 20%. While solo and duo matches often come down to aim or raw building skill, teams like mine win squad matches with logic and teamwork.

Looking for some more elementary tactics? Check out this Reddit thread.

Play on a controller? Check out this aim/settings video from Upshall.

Have some time? Read this (very long) analysis of building in Fortnite from MIT’s Game Lab.

Can you think of anything we missed? Drop a comment below.

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