Fortnite's Infantry Rifle

Fortnite players were greeted Sunday with an in-game news update touting the new ‘Infantry Rifle’. The teaser underneath the item says “Classic design meets new combat style.”

One has to wonder where this gun will fit into Fortnite’s current meta. The heavy assault rifles are slower firing, high-damage assault rifles and the hunting rifle already fills the role of a long-range gun.

Fortnite Bunker believes this could be an improved version of the ailing Hunting Rifle. The Hunting Rifle has been overshadowed by the better Deagle and Scoped Revolver weapons. It fires slowly, and does mediocre damage.

Is the Hunting Rifle about to be vaulted? Check back in to Fortnite Bunker for a complete analysis of the v7.40 update as soon as it drops.

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