Glider Redeploy

Epic announced today that itemized Glider Redeploy is coming in patch v7.20.

In the past, Epic has tested Glider Redeploy as a permanent characteristic. This time, it will come in the form of an item.

  • Can be found in vending machines, floor drops, chests, and llamas.
  • Will have charges, similar to the Jet Pack.
    • Standard game modes (solos, duos, and squads) will have 10 charges.
    • Big LTM’s will start with the item already in your inventory, with a capacity of 50 charges.
      • The item will disappear from your inventory once all charges are used.
      • LTM respawns, launch pads, and rifts will not consume a charge.

Glider redeploy is a very controversial topic. A large portion of the community’s reaction was negative, however, Epic sees this as a balanced approach to appeasing fans of the original glider redeploy implementation.

How much mobility is too much?

Most of the concerns around glider redeploy relate to being “3rd-partied” during fire fights. Mobility has increased infinitely over the last year with the addition of rifts, zip lines, planes, ATK’s, quad crashers, and now glider redeploy.

All of these items combined create an abundance of mobility, where teams can maraud around the map looking for battles to join in on. A squad of players that defeats another squad in battle needs time to recover before having a fair shot at a new battle. As mobility increases, opportunities to recover become less prevalent. To many players, this creates a less strategic game.

Glider redeploy also removes the threat of fall damage. Being able to build without any consequence of having your fort destroyed makes for a less strategic game.

We previously learned that Epic is bringing the scoped revolver to the new patch, along with a fix for underground wall placement.

Check back in with Fortnite Bunker early Tuesday morning for an in-depth analysis of all the changes in v7.20.

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