Fortnite v7.30 Leaks

As tradition requires, shortly after a new Fortnite patch is dropped we are treated to a new batch of leaked items coming to the item shop. The latest patch, v7.30 is no different, and we’ve corralled all of the latest items for you here.

Skins / Outfits

Fortnite Kitbash Skin
Kitbash (Epic) 1,500 V-Bucks
Show ’em what you’re made of.
Credit: Epic Games
The Prisoner Fortnite Skin
The Prisoner (Legendary) Snowfall Challenges Reward
Unchained and out to restore balance.
Credit: Epic Games
Fortnite Sparkplug Skin
Sparkplug (Rare) 1,200 V-Bucks
Scrap the competition.
Credit: Epic Games
Fortnite Honor Guard Skin
Honor Guard (Epic) Honor View 20 Exclusive
Battle with honor.
Credit: Epic Games

Pickaxes / Harvesting Tools

Marshy Smasher Fortnite Pickaxe
Marshy Smasher (Rare) Showtime Challenge Reward
Spread some joy.
Credit: Epic Games
Fortnite Cold Hearted Pickaxe
Cold Hearted (Rare) 800 V-Bucks
No love lost.
Credit: Epic Games
Fortnite Squid Striker Pickaxe
Squid Striker (Rare) 800 V-Bucks
Speak softly and carry a giant squid.
Credit: Epic Games
Fortnite Frozen Beak Pickaxe
Frozen Beak (Rare) 800 V-Bucks
Break the ice.
Credit: Epic Games

Back Bling

Fortnite Padlock Back Bling
Padlock (Legendary) Snowfall Challenges reward.
Locked Down
Credit: Epic Games
Fortnite Scrappy Back Bling
Scrappy (Rare) Included with Sparkplug outfit.
Barking out of the boneyard.
Credit: Epic Games
Fortnite Trash Lid Back Bling
Trash Lid (Epic) Included with Kitbash outfit.
Put a lid on it.
Credit: Epic Games


Extra Cheese (Epic) 1,200 V-Bucks
Slice through the sky.
Credit: Epic Games
Fortnite Frozen Feathers Glider
Frozen Feathers (Rare) 800 V-Bucks
A cold wind bellows.
Credit: Epic Games


Fortnite Glowsticks Emote
Glowsticks (Epic) 800 V-Bucks
Make it glow.
Credit: Epic Games
Fortnite Airhorn Emote
Air Horn (Uncommon) 200 V-Bucks
Credit: Epic Games
Fortnite Bobbin' Emote
Bobbin’ (Rare) 500 V-Bucks
Really get into it.
Credit: Epic Games
Fortnite Keep It Mello Emote
Keep It Mello (Rare)
Showtime Challenge Reward
Join in the fun.
Credit: Epic Games
Fortnite Marshwalk Emote
Marshwalk (Rare)
Keep It Mello.
Credit: Epic Games

We know that the Marshmello-themed items will launch on or just before February 2nd, which is the date of the Marshmello concert (concert starts at 2PM EST) in Pleasant Park. Also included in the game files is an actual Marshmello skin, however, we’re not sure if that will hit the item shop or if it’s an asset to be used just for the concert.

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