Bottle Rockets

On Sunday Epic updated the in-game News page in Fortnite to tease a new item coming to Battle Royale this week, Bottle Rockets. The item is teased as:

Loud, bright, and dangerous! WARNING: do not light indoors.

Based on the design of the item in the teaser image this could be similar in functionality to mortars. It could also be a plane-defense mechanism, although with the recent nerfs to planes that seems unlikely.

Reactions from Reddit were mixed, with some players hoping for a remote-controlled mortar and others bemoaning the addition of any new explosives.

A mortar-style weapon would certainly bring some interesting changes to the current Battle Royale meta. Epic has long pursued making the endgame more noob friendly and a ground-to-air mortar missile could help players take on high-ground opponents.

Stay tuned to Fortnite Bunker for more information as we inch closer to patch day.

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