The 'Detonation' game mode coming to Fortnite.

At the Samsung x Fortnite event in New York City, Epic showcased a completely new game mode called ‘Detonation.’ The event was attended by e-sports superstar Ninja along with k-pop sensation iKON. The new ‘iKONIC’ Fortnite skin (available to buyers of qualifying S10 devices) was also on display. The event also featured a Detonation tournament using only the Samsung Galaxy S10 line of devices.

The Detonation game mode will put two teams against each other in a race to destroy and defend two objectives. Each side will take turns attacking or defending their objective for 10-minutes.

We’ve seen similar concepts in Fortnite before. The ‘Food Fight’ LTM pitted two teams against each other to defend and destroy bases. The difference here is that each side will have a period dedicated just to attacking (or defending).

The official promo for the ‘Food Fight’ LTM that was introduced in patch 6.30. Via Epic Games

Epic and Samsung designed a map specifically for the event. It’s unclear how the Detonation game mode will be implemented for the general public. In other games, this type of game mode is better suited for smaller maps. Epic has never released an LTM with it’s own map, but that could change.

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