Ninja instagram hacked

Fortnite superstar and the most popular Twitch streamer Tyler @Ninja Belvins gets hacked on his Instagram account with 14.1 million followers. Posting things such as “Giving away 1000 iPhone XS” or “Free Fortnite V-Bucks”.

The giveaway is definitely not genuine, not least because of Ninja’s relationship with Samsung and their Galaxy line.

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This is not the first time a popular streamer has been hacked on instagram. Many popular streamers or celebrities have had their social media accounts hacked in the past and Ninja is the last victim.

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So we recommend you to do not click on anything on Ninja‘s Instagram Stories, it will keylog you if you don’t have virus protection software. Also do not share any of your Epic Account details such as nickname or password. You can read more about protecting your Epic account here.

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