Fortnite Season 8 Launch Event

An event post on PSN revealed the end date of Fortnite Season 8. According to the post, Season 8 will end on May 7th. The post, made either by an Epic or PSN employee was still up at the time of writing. The event page featured the first teaser image released by Epic and a similar color scheme.

That puts the duration of Season 8 right at the 70-day mark. For comparison, Season 7 lasted a total of 83-days. This would make Season 8 almost two-weeks shorter than the previous season. Season 6 lasted only 72-days. Other seasons have lasted around 70-days. Season 7 could have been longer due to the Christmas and New Years breaks.

Fortnite players scramble at the end of each season to complete their Battle Pass. When a season ends, players are no longer able to earn that season’s Battle Pass items. Knowing exactly when a season ends is an advantage to those who are looking to complete all of their challenges on time.

This isn’t the first time that PSN has revealed Fortnite information early. In September of last year PSN mistakenly leaked several Season 6 Battle Pass skins early. PSN also leaked in-game pets, a key cosmetic addition to Season 6.

Season 8 will release the morning of February 28th at 5:00 AM EST. Fortnite Bunker is covering all aspects of the Season 8 update, for more information check out our latest teaser post.

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