One of the best skateboarding games of all time, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater for the original Playstation is a masterpiece. It’s easy to play but difficult to master play style sets the standard for skateboarding games still today. The level from the game that everyone remembers is the ‘Warehouse’. Probably because it was the only playable level on the demo. You could spend hours doing kick flips all over the ‘Warehouse’ level without actually having to buy the game.

Credit: Wikipedia

You could get the demo disk straight from Pizza Hut or from various game magazines, if you were lucky enough to have a subscription to one.

Flash-forward 20 years, Reddit user /u/ProSombra69 had the ingenious idea to recreate the legendary ‘Warehouse’ level from THPS in Fortnite. Thanks to the new Driftboard, players can shred just like the old days. Fortnite has an extensive trick system that ties in with the Driftboard well and allows some interesting trick combinations The video below, clearly shot on mobile, is eerily similar to the original. Complete with the kickin’ soundtrack.

There is a problem though, ProSombra69 isn’t cleared to publish map codes. Users in the Reddit thread expressed hope that the post would gather enough attention to get the map published. That seems unlikely, unless one of the Epic employees take notice and grants publishing to the OP’s account.

Check out the video below for a trip back in time, Driftboard style.

This post will be updated if a map code gets published. At the time of this writing, the Reddit post was gathering steam.

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