Season 8 Teaser #2 Credit: Epic Games

Epic has released the second Fortnite Season 8 teaser image. This image features the same orange and red color scheme, but with a serpent highlighted. The first image featured the outline of a pirate hook. Like the first teaser, this image features cracks in the background which tie in with the recent earthquakes and fissures found throughout the map.

Players have been speculating that the next season will have a pirate theme. This second image doesn’t add to that assumption, but the text does:

“Sssomething shimmers Within the cave… But beware of those Who arrive on waves. 3 days to Season 8. “

Fortnite Season 8 Teaser 1
Season 8 Teaser #1 Credit: Epic Games

Pirates and Treasure

So far, we know that Season 8 will feature pirates. We also know that a battle between the Ice King and Prisoner is cooking. Wailing Woods is starting to brown, and the Prisoner challenges ended there – so, we know Wailing is important in some way to the Prisoner lore. Several weeks ago, a Reddit user had a map glitch that briefly displayed Wailing Woods as a burned area. Donald Mustard, Epic’s Worldwide Creative Lead, has changed his Twitter location to Wailing Woods. Donald frequently does this to tease upcoming Fortnite releases.

We also know that Season 8 will feature major map and game play changes. Planes will be vaulted at the end of the season. Frosty Flights, expedition outposts, and many other current map locations feature air strips or planes themselves. The developers also stated that they are working on a new single-person vehicle.

The first teaser stated that “Loot that has been lost…Can always be found.” This could be hinting at the return of a vaulted item. It also stated “X Marks The Spot…Treasure abound.” This implies that there is hidden treasure in the game that players are unaware of.

This is Bananas

When asked to describe Season 8 in one-word, Epic’s Eric Williamson responded with “Bananas”. Every season’s Battle Pass has a spray that somehow ties into the next season. Guess what? There is a banana spray in the Season 7 Battle Pass.

Snakes on a Boat

The second teaser warned players to “beware of those who arrive on waves.” An obscure Reddit post claiming to have inside knowledge of the game’s development mentioned boats. The leak stated that boats would be a usable method of transportation and feature cannons. It also predicted that the grappling hook would return as a pirate’s hook with a rope attached.

A serpent will be some kind of villain in Season 8. It’s also possible that pirates will arrive via boats which will be a usable vehicle. How these two developments tie in with the Prisoner and Ice King rivalry remains to be seen.


Twitter user EribertoInc combined the first two teaser, and the result is interesting.

It clearly resembles a human head or skull of some kind. So far, no tidbit released by Epic has mentioned a skull or anything close to it.

UPDATE 2: Donald Mustard Retweet

Donald Mustard, Epic’s Worldwide Creative Lead, retweeted the offical Twitter post with an egg emoji. Twitter users immediately made the connection to the three eggs found under Polar Peak. Snakes are reptiles that hatch from eggs, so it appears that the eggs will in fact play a role in the Season 8 lore. Many had previously speculated that these eggs were from a dragon.

Epic will release more teasers as we edge closer to Season 8’s release. Typically, these teasers arrive in the morning around 10 AM EST. Check back in with Fortnite Bunker as we cover Fortnite Season 8 , which arrives Thursday, February 28th.

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