The 4 Fortnite Items We Think Will Be Vaulted In Season 8

Fortnite players really never know whether it is safe to love a new item. In the last few patches, we’ve seen fan favorites like the Bolt-Action Sniper and Burst Rifle vaulted without warning. Epic even vaulted the grenade, an item that was a staple of Battle Royale since release. No matter how long it’s been around, no item is truly permanent in Fortnite. Fortnite Bunker staff thinks the following 4-items are most likely to get the boot in Season 8.

4. Dynamite

Fortnite's Dynamite Item
Credit: Epic Games

We’ve recently seen Epic wage an all out war on explosives. Towards the end of Season 7, they took out grenades and replaced them with Clingers. Rocket Launchers no longer drop from chests, but still do spawn from Supply Drops. Overtime, we’ve seen that Epic likes to nerf an item’s availability rather than tinker with the damage output. It’s only a matter of time before Dynamite gets the axe. It’s just not that usable, the range is too short and if you are in range you risk damaging yourself.

3. Dual Pistols

Fortnite's Dual Pistols
Credit: Epic Games

These have been vaulted before, and we think they’ll be vaulted again. The loot pool currently has a lot of pistols. From the standard pistol, to the silenced, scoped, and Hand Cannon. There are just a lot of pistols in rotation right now. The Dual Pistols is lethal up close, but there are already pistols in the game for CQB. Also, Dual Pistols are too inconsistent for medium-range play. Some streamers will disagree with this one.

2. Boogie Bombs

Epic’s Original Promo Trailer For The Boogie Bomb

Epic loves to put in items that create content. They are always adding interesting and sometimes quirky items to the game. The Boogie Bomb was cute at first, but is taking valuable space in the loot pool that could be used for a fresh, new item. Your squad mates will have to find something new to troll you with.

1. The Remaining Infantry Rifles

Fortnite's Infantry Rifle
Credit: Epic Games

In v8.01, Epic took action and removed all common Infantry Rifles from the loot pool. We think this is only the beginning. Let’s face the facts here, the Infantry Rifle is probably the worst gun ever added to Fortnite. No matter what range, there is always a better option. If you find yourself with the Infantry Rifle as your only weapon, you’ll be back to the lobby in no time. Having bad weapons in the loot pool is a requirement for any Battle Royale, not every gun can be amazing. But, the Infantry Rifle isn’t just bad – it’s useless.

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