The Driftboad from Fortnite

The fabled Driftboard is finally coming to Fortnite this week. On Sundays at 6PM, we get an in-game news update that showcases upcoming items and LTM’s. Part of that update was the Driftboard, teased with the following text:

Mobility. style. Flare. put your own spin on the game with the new limited time driftboard!

The history of the Driftboard is rocky, in early-December it was also teased in a news update as part of the v7.10 release, but never made it into the game due to stability issues. Epic has been silent on the item until now, more than 3-months later.

Two days ago, leaked footage made it’s way to Youtube that showcased not only the Driftboard but a new LTM titled ‘Driftin’. The new LTM was not mentioned in the news update. That footage was pulled shortly after and is no longer available.

Here is what we know about the Driftboard so far:

  • Has a speed-boost function similar to the other in-game vehicles.
  • Is a combination of blue and light-blue.
  • Is a single-person vehicle.
  • Can be used for tricks in combination with the boost feature.
  • You can use your weapon while riding it.

Epic’s previous update patterns tell us to expect the v7.40 Content Update this week rather than a full-blown v7.50 release. This update will include the Driftboard, a new Block design, and the Driftin’ Limited Time Mode.

Stay tuned to Fortnite Bunker for more information on the v7.40 content update as soon as it drops.

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