Giant Metal Dog's Head in Fortnite

As part of the Season 7, Week 9 challenges in Fortnite players are presented with a three-stage challenge that starts with “Dance on a sundial.” Fortnite Bunker has gathered all of the information needed to complete all three stages of this challenge. Including the second (dance on a giant cup of coffee) and the third (dance on a giant metal dog’s head.) Let’s start our adventure below.

Where to Dance on a Sundial

The first stage instructs you to dance on a sundial. You can find the sundial in the southeastern part of the map (the desert area) near Paradise Palms. The sundial itself is located on top of a hill and is made of cars and other metal objects. Below is a map showing the exact location.

Where to dance on a sundial in Fortnite
Exact location of the sundial you’ll need to dance on.

And here is an in-game screenshot of the sundial itself:

In-game screenshot of the sundial in Fortnite
The sundial, made of various metal objects in the southeastern part of the map.

Where to Dance on a Giant Cup of Coffee

Secondly, we’ll be instructed to dance on a giant cup of coffee. The cup is located at Dusty Diner, right next to Dusty Divot in the middle of the map. The cup itself is a giant sign advertising the diner. The red dot in the image below will tell you exactly where to go.

The giant cup of coffee on the in-game map.
Head here to find the giant cup of coffee.

Here is what the giant cup of coffee looks like in-game. To complete the challenge, just hop on top of the cup and dance.

In-game screenshot of the giant cup of coffee near Dusty Diner.
The giant cup of coffee outside of Dusty Diner.

Where to Dance on a Giant Metal Dog’s Head

Finally, we’ll head to the northwestern part of the map to Junk Junction. This is a new addition to the map, and the giant dog’s head is actually the sign for Junk Junction – it’s being held up in the air by a bulldozer’s bucket. Here is the exact location on the map.

Mapped location of the giant metal dog's head.
Head to Junk Junction to complete the last stage of the challenge.

Here is what the giant metal dog’s head looks like in-game, it’s actually the new sign for Junk Junction.

Giant Metal Dog’s head in Fortnite.

That’s all! We’re done with this unique and fun challenge. For the rest of this week’s challenges check out our in-depth guide.

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